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Cloud Hosting Providers

Why go for Cloud Hosting


Your sites have to stay up and running, but you don't want the hassle of dealing with infrastructure and servers. We get it. That's why we promise 99.9% uptime for Cloud Sites.


Worried about traffic spikes? Don't be. Cloud Sites handles a grand total of 500 billion web requests per year. Automatically add server resources to handle sudden surges in traffic to your sites.

Things to Consider


The cloud gives you more flexibility to control the speed or latency of your site/application. For example, you could launch different instance types based on your application's needs. For example, do you need an instance type that has high memory or high CPU? From a geographic point of view which cloud will provide the lowest latency for your users? Is it necessary or cost effective to use a content distribution network (CDN) or caching service? For user-intensive applications, the extra latency that results from cross-cloud/region communication may not be acceptable.

Cloud Portability

Although it might be easier to use one of the cloud provider's tools or services, such as a load balancing or database service, it's important to realize that if and when you need to move that particular tier of your architecture to another cloud provider, you will need to modify your architecture accordingly. Since Server Templates are cloud-agnostic, you can use them to build portable cloud architectures.


For MultiCloud system architectures, it's important to realize that cross-cloud/region communication is performed over the public Internet and may introduce security concerns that will need to be addressed using some type of data encryption or VPN technology.

Differences between the Cloud Hosting and a traditional web hosting environment

The following is a list of differences between a traditional hosting site and one from Cloud Sites

  Cloud Hosting Traditional Hosting
Hosting Resources Resources are dispatched from the cloud with automated failover measures. This minimizes slowdowns or outages due to high load or hardware failures. Your hosting account resides on hardware that, at the same time, houses many other accounts. This hosting environment makes it more likely for accounts to experience slowdowns and outages should there be a high server load.
Server(s) Your site is on hundreds of servers if one goes down, you'll never notice. There's always a server at the ready Your site is on a single server if the server crashes, your site goes down.
Security Your account is insulated from other accounts and separated at the operating level. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized access from hackers. Your website security could be compromised by other websites that share the same server. Hackers may gain access to your server through the security flaws of the other websites that are on it.
Scalability Full Scalability IF your needs grow, your cloud will automatically step up. No scalability you get what you get
Performance Top notch performance whatever your needs, you've at your command. Even very demanding applications are deployed quickly and accurately Unreliable performance It all depends on everything else going on
Network uptime 100% uptime 99% uptime
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